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About Us

Steve Challis

  • National Rifle Association Certified Instructor for Pist​ol, Rifle, Shotgun, and personal home defense
  • Retired British Police Officer of 21 years Service
  • Registered Instructor with the National Small bore Rifle Association of Great Britain (N.S.R.A.)
  • Certified Club Coach (Pistol) of the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) of Great Britain
  • Endowment Life Member of the United States National Rifle Association (N.R.A.)
  • Curio and Relic License (C. & R.) with the Bureau of Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco of the United States
  • CCDW License Holder - Kentucky State
  • State of Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon Certified Instructor
  • State of Kentucky Certified CCDW Instructor Trainer
  • Member U.S Practical Shooting Association
  • Member Ohio Gun Collectors Association.
  • Member Handgun Club of America
  • Member Gun Owners of America
  • Member Contemporary Longrifle Association

Author of 9 books, available for sale through the school.

  1. Debarred the Use of Arms
  2. Compulsion to Kill
  3. The Gun Free Killing Zones of America
  4. Home Defender (by Steve & Eva Challis)
  5. Just an Ordinary Copper
  6. The White Silk Scarf
  7. Wildcat Mountain
  8. Death Before Dishonor
  9. Cruel is the Snow

Eva Challis

  • Endowment Member National Rifle Association
  • Certified NRA Instructor for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Personal Home Defense, Home Firearms Safety
  • Kentucky C.C.D.W. permit holder
  • Kentucky Certified Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon Instructor
  • Kentucky Certified Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon Instructor Trainer
  • Member Ohio Gun Collectors Association
  • 65+ years of Pistol, Revolver and Rifle handling/shooting, and big and small game (From Bear & Cougar to Rats) hunting experience
  • Enjoy shooting black powder handguns and rifles

Phil Tardivo

  • Kentucky Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons (C.C.D.W.) permit holder

  • Kentucky Certified Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon Instructor

  • Member: Sons of the American Revolution
  • Member: National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • Member: Ohio Gun Collectors Association (OGCA)
  • Collector of Curio and Relic Firearms - FFL holder
  • Hunting (Big & Small game), Fishing & Outdoor Enthusiast
  • Music lover
  • Pastry Chef
  • Been shooting since the early 1970s (45+ years)

Ben Joynt

Currently Assistant Armorer Meridian Ordnance

Team Lead Army National Guard

Word Processor III L-3 Communications

Weapon Craft Instructor Program, Dynamic Close Quarter and Range Marksmanship Instruction

Doublestar Training Academy AR-15 Armorer, AR-15 Armorer Class

3rd Non-Commissioned Officers Academy, Graduated, Warrior Leadership Course

Fires Center for Excellence, Graduated, Field Artillery Tactical Automated Data Systems Specialist

BCTC, Information Technology

Dylan Griffieth

He is a shooting enthusiast of all types of guns, new and old, handguns and rifles.

Currently in ROTC, Montgomery County

He will assist us during courses of all types.

* * * * *

Courses are carried out locally at our private range outside of Jeffersonville, KY

Call us at 859-498-0582

If we are not available, please leave a message and we will get back in touch with you.


E-mail to

for further details.










We have 6 dedicated ranges at Harmony Hollow plus one Practice range.

All ranges are named after people whose feats of heroism and/or achievements have helped protect America and supported the second amendment.

GRATIA HUPP is our CCDW range used for both CCDW and basic pistol training. Named after Suzanna Gratia Hupp who witnessed the murder of her parents in a Texas cafeteria and fought for 12 years as a State Legislator to support CCW in Texas and elsewhere.

YORK RANGE is our general range for Hunter Education, PPITH and most general exercises. Named after Congressional Medal of honor Winner Sgt. Alvin York who used his 1911 pistol and Springfield Rifle to shoot 20 Germans. It also included 6 who rushed his position and were killed with six shots from his 1911. In all, he captured 132 enemy soldiers that day.

THOMPSON is our home invasion and domestic threat range named after Jack Thompson, a 78 year old Kentucky homeowner. He used a handgun kept under his pillow, when two teenage home invaders broke into his house in the early hours of the morning.

Jack fire 3 shots wounding one and causing the other to flee. 

MURPHY is our 100 yard range used for basic and tactical rifle as well as zeroing hunting rifles. Named after colonial sharpshooter Timothy Murphy who shot Redcoat General Simon Fraser at the Battle of Saratoga in 1777. This shot turned the battle in favor of the Continental Army.

KYLE is our Tactical combat range, a woodland area used for tactical rifle and advanced

training. Named after US Navy Seal Christoper Kyle who is the most prolific sniper in US history and earned the title of the Devil of Ramaldi from the insurgents whom he targeted in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

DAVIS is our practice range and also the closest to our residence. Named after Alamo defender John Davis, a Kentuckian who fought and died with Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie in 1836 in the cause of freedom.  

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Testimonials from our students


* What parts of the training course do you feel were most beneficial? "LAWS"

* Instructors were friendly & willing to answer any and all questions. I was very satisfied & will recommend.

* I feel that the course was very well done.

* This was a great class for me and I learned a lot.

* The Instructors made me feel comfortable.

* I enjoyed the course very much. I feel much more comfortable now. The shooting and preparing to shoot were very helpful. I enjoyed the stories & examples given of how important being conceal carry trained is.

* Thank you for an awesome experience!!

* Had a great day with everyone learned a lot from the instructors. Couldn't have asked for better people to get it done and the chili was great also THANKS again for all you taught us your both amazing


* Absolutely awesome day! Steve and Eva are professional, ethical, knowledgeable, and interject a modicum of humor with a very serious subject! And Eva makes the best chili ever...I had two bowls so Steve wouldn't have to eat left overs for too long (wink, wink). Thank you both


* Thanks for the great class we had sat XXXX XX learned alot and you all were great instructors

Concealed Carry Student

RR, Mount Sterling


* (2017) Instructors were very clear, made students comfortable in asking questions. Instructors taught to proficiency.

Concealed Carry Student

* (2017) I would recommend this course to anyone and would say the course is very knowledgeable, and the instructors were enjoyable and entertaining, but professional too.

Concealed Carry Student

* (2017) I did my conceal carry instructor training at Harmony Hollow on September 16th - 17th and wanted to say Steve and Eva are excellent teachers. The training was precise and broken down into sections making the information easy to retain. They went well above the norm and exceeded my expectations for the class. I highly recommend Harmony Hollow for any firearms training they offer.

MF, Stanton

* (2017) I did my conceal carry training with Steve and Eva a couple weekends ago. The training was very detailed and accurate. They did a great job answering my questions, they were very patient. The whole day from start to finish was perfect. I would recommend Harmony Hollow to anyone and everyone. I hope to take more classes in the future, they are willing to take my disabilities into consideration.

ML, Frenchburg

*I would highly recommend attending any class that Steve and Eva teach. They are a dynamic duo of sorts, with tons of knowledge and experience. They welcomed me with patience and understanding of what I was hoping to achieve from my training, and adjusted their lesson for me. I am from the Louisville, KY area and drove two hours both ways to attend, and will happily do it again for another class, or shooting event. Thank you, Steve and Eva!!! You made my experience wonderful!!! :-))

AM Louisville

*Steve and Eva are top notch instructors. Very professional and knowledgeable about the subject matter.   

                             J.K. Berea, KY

*Steve and Eva are great instructors. I look forward to taking more courses from them.               

                                    K.M. Richmond, KY

*Steve and Eva are Excellent.

                                  M.J. Lexington, KY

*I really enjoyed the Course and learned and benefited much from your instruction and experience. I particularly liked being able to get to fire so many classic rifles as well as my own! Eva you are a great cook and I so enjoyed the fine dinner you put on.

                                       R.B. Simpsonville, Ky

*Really liked the relaxed atmosphere of the class while at the same time being professional.

                                J.P. Columbia, Ky

*Coming in to this course I knew nothing but going out I learned a lot.                   

L.W. Mt Sterling, KY

*I really enjoyed this class and now feel very confident in using a gun.

 A.S. Mt Sterling, KY

*Thank you all for a VERY thorough and informative class. I enjoyed my experience and appreciate you and your staff's time and effort.  

 C.C. Camargo, KY

*Loved it, very professional yet laid back. Great learning Atmosphere.

B.P. Mount Sterling, KY

*I feel more confident with the knowledge and gun handling. The course was fantastic.

H.S. Jeffersonville, KY

*I appreciated the patience and willingness to explain even the most basic concepts. To make us comfortable and go the extra mile. Your enthusiasm is inspiring and comforting. Thank you so much Eva and Steve.

P.S. Jeffersonville, KY

Location: Jeffersonville, KY 40337-9382

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