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We Accept cash, check or

It had been brought to our attention that the DEPOSIT payment option was no longer available on our courses.  This has been fixed.
Please call us to book if you do not see the course listed on FareHarbor booking site. 
Thank you for your patience.

ALL Courses start at 9:00 AM
Unless otherwise stated.

Sunday Courses start at 10:00 AM
Unless otherwise stated.

Individuals with special needs are welcome.
We will make every effort to accommodate
your individual need.  No student will be
turned away, provided that we can still
comply with the NRA Safety Regulations.

We offer discounts for bookings of 4 or more people
on most of our courses, weekends and weekdays.
Please call for inquiries and details.
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(one of Ben's Students)

We are excited to present
Ben Joynt
OEF veteran, Governor’s Top Twenty Marksman,
Brigade Soldier of the Year

executing the

WHERE: Harmony Hollow Firearms Training, LLC
                850 S. Were Chappel Road, Jeffersonville, KY
                Phone;           Land Line: 859-498-0582                                   Cell: 859-404-8457 or 859-404-0195
Or Book on line at https: //www.harmonyhollowtraining.com
Or call one of the above numbers
WHEN:   None Scheduled at this time     
                Start 0900 hours (9:30 AM)  (8-9 hours long)
Maximum of 8 students (Book early, this course is anticipated to
fill up fast.)
COST:     $100.00 per student; $50.00 Non-refundable deposit
                required, which goes toward $100.00 per student cost.
YOU WILL NEED: (Not for beginners)
               400 rounds of ammo total for the training course
Enough Magazines for your gun to accommodate 30 rounds per
set.  Example: If your magazine takes 6 rounds, you will need 5
Holster that is made for the handgun you are using, not a one size fits all.  No soft sided holsters.

Ear and Eye protection

Clothing that you can move freely in to kneel, stretch, and run.

This is an intense, fast paced, training exercise course.  Shooting will be at distances, as well as close quarters combat.  Techniques being taught are advanced handgun maneuvers.  You will also be shooting with your non-dominant hand.


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We now have the new prices to join.
Through us, they are as follows;

One-year Membership
Was $45.   Now $35.

Three-year Membership
Was $100.   Now $85.

Five-year Membership
Was $150.   Now $125.

Life Membership
Was $1,500.   Now $1,000.

* * * * * * * *
Silver Bullet Challenge

Open Rifle & Pistol Competition
Open Competition – No Classification
Entry:  $20.  Registration Call 859-498-0582 or 859-404-8457 
Where: Harmony Hollow Firearms Training, LLC
              850 S Ware Chappel RD, Jeffersonville, KY
When:  July 13, 2019 – 9 AM to 4 PM
First Place Winner – Solid Silver Rifle round
Second Place Winner – Solid Silver Pistol round
Third Place Winner – Kukri
All Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.
To create your account/profile on the Kentucky Police website to enter your training certificate details, click on the link below.  This site also provides additional CCDW information.

* * * * *

Classes Scheduled at a Glance
Safely Book Online with the button above or call us at Landline: 859-498-0582
Steve's cell: 859-404-8457 or
Eva's cell: 859-404-0195

Concealed Carry classes are $50.

CCDW = Concealed Carry Deadly 
          Kentucky Training Qualifications

Basic Pistol Home Defense will be changed to Personal Handgun Defense after the end of August.

21 - Silver Bullet Challenge
28 - CCDW

19 - CCDW
26 -  Personal Handgun Defense
* * * * * * * * * * * *

(Most numbers of rounds next to the course name include a few extra rounds for practice and or malfunctions.)

Constitutional Concealed Carry (NEW COURSE)
This is a 3 hour course pertaining to Kentucky Constitutional Concealed Carry, and is a non-shooting training class for people that want to learn the laws of Kentucky.  You must be 21 to take this class.  It will go over ‘What Concealed Carry Means for You, Handgun Safety, Knowing Your Handgun, Kentucky Laws, and Use of Deadly Force’.  Certificates of Completion will be given for this course.  A Close out and Debriefing will done at the end of the course.  No loaded firearms are allowed in the classroom.

Home Invasion    20 rounds
This is a six hour course that will prepare the armed citizen for dealing with a home invasion.  The course covers basic law, threat analysis and a live fire exercise.  There is no restrictions on age, but under the age of 18 will require written permission from parents/guardians which must be delivered in person to the facility. Special discounts are available for adults bringing children.  This is not a CCDW course, and the law taught is pertaining only to home situations.  Certificates will be given to those successfully completing the course.

Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons Instructor     80 rounds
This is a 2 day training, instruction and testing course for men and women that currently have a CCDW permit and wish to become a CCDW Instructor in The State of Kentucky. A certificate and instructors patch will be issued to successful students.  All course materials are provided. The live fire segment of the course is of a higher standard than that used for general CCDW.  A separate brochure and course instructions will be mailed to students on receipt of the deposit.

Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons     40 Rounds
The standard CCDW training course is for those wishing to obtain a State permit to carry a concealed weapon.
The course covers the legal and moral aspects of the use of deadly force.  Students will also need to demonstrate safe and accurate use of a firearm.  This course is comprised of 6-7 hours classroom work and <=2 hours on the range.
Although you may use any serviceable handgun for this course, it is highly recommended that you use the pistol or revolver that you intend to use for Concealed Carry.

Students are permitted one re-shoot if they fail the first test.
Upon satisfactorily passing the written and shooting range tests, those results will be sent to the Dept. of Justice of Kentucky.  In return, a certificate of training will be sent to you from the Dept. of Justice.
A lite Lunch is provided, and you may bring any additional beverages or snacks that you wish.

Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons, Women Only    40 rounds
The standard CCDW training course is for those wishing to obtain a State permit to carry a concealed weapon.
The course covers the legal and moral aspects of the use of deadly force.  Students will also need to demonstrate safe and accurate use of a firearm.  This course is comprised of 6 hours classroom work and <=2 hours on the range.  
Although you may use any serviceable handgun for this course, it is highly recommended that you use the pistol or revolver that you intend to use for Concealed Carry.
Students are permitted one re-shoot if they fail the first test.
Upon satisfactorily passing the written and shooting range tests, those results will be sent to the Dept. of Justice of Kentucky.  In return, a certificate of training will be sent to you from the Dept. of Justice.
A lite Lunch is provided, and you may bring any additional beverages or snacks that you wish.

Night Course     100 rounds
The course will include engaging targets in low light and a variety of situations.  Included are simulated home invasion with color hostage targets and a night woodland trail walk.  Lasers and fitted tactical lights are permitted, or a suitable hand held tactical flashlight.  This course is usually very popular and early booking is advised.  This is a whole new ball game when shooting at night.  Other trainers use welding goggles and perform tactical moves during day-light hours.  We choose to do it in the natural darkness.

Practical Applications for Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons     40 rounds
This course is designed for students who have completed a CCDW course or refresher course with Harmony Hollow Firearms Training.  It expands on the use of a handgun in a variety of emergency situations.  Most of the course is live fire and includes drawing and firing from concealment in a wide variety of situations.  Students will learn to draw and fire from concealment and engage targets in situations such as a restaurant while seated at a table, from a handbag or fanny pack, and to draw and engage a rapidly advancing target.  It is designed to replicate real life situations.  Students are advised to bring the actual handgun(s) and method(s) of carry that they use for CCDW, plus a spare speed-loader/Magazine to obtain the maximum benefit from this course.

Home Invasion: NRA Personal Protection In The Home (PPITH)     100 rounds
This PPITH course is for students wishing to learn defensive use of a handgun for personal and family protection inside the home.  Students will learn to practice their shooting skills in a wide variety of situations.
 This course is more intensive than the Concealed carry course and emphasis will be on shooting at moving targets, rapid target selection, and identification.  Students should bring an appropriate handgun, 150 rounds of ammunition, suitable outdoor clothing.
 This is an official NRA course and students will receive an NRA certificate, handbook, and training materials. 
With the recent publicity regarding home invasions, there is a need for gun owners to understand the law and how it affects them in a self-defense situation.

Tactical Rifle     140 rounds

This is not an NRA course.  The course will involve shooting rifles from concealment, on the move and from cover.  There will be multiple hostage targets, shooting while on the move; quick identification and snap shots are all part of the training.
The course culminates in an extended woodland trail in a field like patrol scenario engaging multiple terrorist and friendly targets.  A full safety briefing will precede the range live fire activities.
Please register as early as possible.

Tactical Rifle Terrorist Camp Segment

The second half of Harmony Hollows Tactical Rifle course takes place after lunch on the Chris Kyle Range.  The scenario is a terrorist encampment, protected by 6 sentries.  Your mission is to approach the camp via the footbridge, identify, and neutralize the sentries before assaulting the main camp, and rescuing the hostages.  You may use all available cover on the mission.  Any suitable tactical rifle with a 30 round capacity magazine is acceptable. 
1. Move to the stronghold, using cover and concealment
2. Identify and neutralize the sentries
3. Identify the terrorists with hostages and target them first
4. Identify and kill the terrorist leader  
Time allowed 5 minutes
Scoring 1 point per hit
10 points deducted for hostage hit
10 points for killing the leader

3 Gun, Men’s, or Women’s     70 rounds
This is an event in 3 parts and open to anyone who has a handgun (semi-auto or revolver, any caliber), semiautomatic rifle (any caliber - high ammo capacity), and tactical shotgun (must be any long gun type, any gauge).  No handgun type shotguns allowed. 
There are 2 divisions; Experienced: Those who regularly compete in various competitions at the State and local level.  Novice: Those who are beginners that have the skill and knowledge to operate the various firearms of the completion, but have never competed.  Scoring is based on timed scoring of each entrant for the division they are registered in.  The best time for each division will be awarded a trophy & certificate.  A minimum of 5 entrants per division are required to hold either division of the competition.

NRA Women on Target     Rounds Vary

We have had women bring their own handguns and ammunition to get better acquainted with them, and have instruction that is tailored to their needs.  Please notify us if you fit this category.
These events are NRA clinics designed to give women the opportunity to shoot both rifle and pistol.  Eva Challis is lead instructor.  Sign in starts at 10:00 AM.
NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinic Learn to Shoot!
(Pre-registration required. If I don’t get 5 or more pre-registrations 1 week prior to the event, I can’t hold it; per clinic regulations.  Sorry!).  Cost includes use of firearms, targets, and ammunition. Clinic is rain or shine.  Note: Registration fees for cancellations after 1 week prior to event will be non-refundable.  Free goody bags for first 20 registrants. 
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Registration Form
Name: ____________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________
Please provide a little information about yourself:
I have    „    ( ) never shot before.
               „  ( ) some shooting experience.
               „  ( ) experienced shooter.
My age is „  ( ) over 18

Home Defense Shotgun     25 rounds

This course teaches the basic use of the shotgun as a home defense weapon.  The Shotgun is the most popular choice for home defense, as it has maximum stopping ability for use in a confined area.
This course is suitable for men and women of all ages who may feel they want to be able to defend themselves in a home invasion situation.  Students will be introduced to the Taurus Judge Handgun which will shoot a .410 shotgun shell as well as a .45 long Colt, and the pump and tactical shotguns that are popular.  This is a new course which replaces the Tactical shotgun.  It has more emphasis on home defense.  Students may bring their own shotgun & ammo for this course, but it must be a production weapon, no sawed off or illegal modifications are allowed.  Range time includes walk and shoot, home invasion and woodland scenarios.

NRA Defensive Pistol 1     40 rounds
This is an NRA qualifying course that helps participants become familiar with the pistol or revolver and enhance their ability to react in any defensive situation that might arise.  Shooting sequences are timed and rated.  A pistol qualifications patch, skill rocker, and certificate are awarded to passing students.

NRA Basic Pistol 1      Pro-marksman     50 rounds
                                    Marksman     100 rounds
This is an NRA Winchester Marksmanship program for beginners.  You will receive an NRA certificate & sleeve rocker patch.  The course covers basics of handguns, safety, and shooting techniques.

Private Courses & Details 
We have often been asked for Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons (CCDW) courses on weekdays, because individuals cannot make the weekend courses for various reasons.
We do hold courses during the week, but we have revised our practice in order to facilitate these requests.  We will always put a course on midweek if we have 4 or more people per booking.  However, it may not always be possible for a person to find 3 or more students on a particular day to schedule it.
We have introduced a system where prospective candidates can call in and ask to be placed on the weekday list.  Weekday courses will then be formed from this list and arranged directly with the students who wish to attend. 
These courses will not be advertised in advance, but we will accept extra students once a course is initially scheduled.  If you are interested, please call or email us with your contact details.
In addition to our regular courses we can also offer one on one instruction and special group courses during weekdays, and possibly weekends.
Minimum group = 4 people
Maximum group = 10 people


* * * * * * * * * * * *
 We are pleased to offer gift certificates for all the courses that we currently run at the school.
Send full payment for the course requested from the list below, with the course name and name(s) and address(s) of the student(s) enrolling. These gift certificates will be valid for any of the courses listed below. The recipient can choose the date(s) offered when to attend.

In response to several queries from students asking if we do refresher courses or if they can re-set courses, we are implementing the following policy.
Previous students who have attended an NRA course and wish to attend the same course again can do so at a reduced fee.
In such circumstances we will not supply the NRA student material and handbooks, as they will already have those from the original course

Click on the link above to see a short clip of the Tactical Rifle Course.

We require a non-refundable deposit on most of the courses, due to materials being ordered and the
students not showing up. 
The receipt of your deposit confirms your entry for the course that you registered for.

Receipt of deposits are required 1 week before the course date.
Please make all checks or money orders payable to;

Harmony Hollow Firearms Training
850 S. Ware Chappel Road
Jeffersonville, KY 40337

  We can also accept payment via the website or over the phone by credit or debit card for deposits or full payment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Weather conditions may cause changes
in the course listings at any time.
Registered students will be notified in the event of a cancellation or rescheduling.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

CCDW Classes in Grayson, KY
 Certified CCDW Instructor, Jim Hamm
is now offering Concealed Carry classes in Grayson, Kentucky (Carter County). 
At this time, he is working as a satellite extension of Harmony Hollow Firearms Training, LLC in that location.
Interested individuals; please contact Jim for dates, times and places of the classes that he is instructing.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

We are offering a Hunter Safety Awareness Clinic on TO BE ANNOUNCEDfor young adults which is free to those under the age of 18 years of age, and a $10.00 donation for those over the age of 18.
It is not a course for obtaining your hunters orange card for the state of Kentucky.
This course covers hands on instruction in starting a camp fire, crossing streams with a loaded rifle, tree stands, orienteering and field dressing deer.
Anyone interested in obtaining a place in the class, or questions, please call us at 859-498-0582.

 * * * * * * * * * * * *

Special rates.....please call us

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Night Course

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Current Military
and Veterans, and Retired Police Officers - please go to this website to see if you are exempt from the CCDW training.

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